Are You Looking For Permission To Leap Into Your Own Success? Here It Is!

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Develop A Deliberate Success Consciousness

Many people hope for success to rescue them from their dreary lives.

They put their life on hold until success comes along and declares them worthy of it.

Whilst I’m being facetious, it is relatable because many don’t realise success is something you earn through commitment, dedication and a tenacious perseverance.

Many people don’t give themselves permission to be successful, because they prefer to play small, within their comfort zone.

What is stopping you from achieving the success you deserve?

Be honest with yourself.

You might say: ‘It’s the economy, a lack of education, fierce competition, or not having the right resources’ or many other reasons.

However, I’m certain there are people in your line of work who are flourishing. Why? Because they have the right mindset to succeed, and that is the primary reason you are not as successful as you’d like to be.

“People who are successful in life have one thing in common: They all seem to be doing something different and special with their neurocircuitry to maximize their potential and achieve their goals. We believe that’s what gives these people a Winner’s Brain,” writes authors Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske in The Winner’s Brain: 8 Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success.

Let me explain what I mean by the right mindset, so as not to confuse you. I am not referring to knowing the tools of the trade, since it is assumed you do.

The right mindset refers to having a success consciousness. If you consider those who are successful in your field, what is the one thing they have in common? A deliberate success consciousness that allows them to be at the top of their field. They believe in themselves and their vision for success.

Developing a success consciousness involves overcoming failures and setbacks while holding firm to a commanding vision for success. It must take place within you first to be realised externally.

Your lack of success may have it origins in the limiting beliefs you hold because you think success will change your life.

However, the limiting beliefs get in the way of awakening your greatest potential and must be examined to ascertain whether there’s any truth to them.

Self-Imposed Limitations Keep You Safe

You’ve heard it said that beliefs create your reality and by reinforcing them, you will feel unworthy of success. Unworthiness is tied to feelings of not being good enough and have their roots in a diminished self-confidence.

To overcome these beliefs, take purposeful action and move toward success, while attending to your mental landscape. You must nurture your thoughts and be attentive to what passes through the screenshot of your mind. Otherwise, you’ll succumb to disempowering thoughts related to your worthiness to attain success.

Brendon Burchard says in High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way: “No one can quiet you without your permission. No one can minimize your self-image but you. And no one can open you up and release your full power but you.”

I don’t care about your background, the fact you’re reading this now tells me part of you is attracted to the concept of success. Perhaps it has not manifested in your life at this point. That means little as long as you believe it is possible when you develop a success consciousness.

It requires removing the self-imposed limitations that keep you safe because playing it safe does little to assure you of the success you deserve. It keeps you trapped, stuck and stagnant, even when part of you yearns for something more.

Consequently, an internal battle ensues. I liken it to the tale of The Two Wolves And The One You Feed. Ultimately, the one you give more attention to will prevail.

The Motivations of Success

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There are many tools for achieving success, though they play different roles in the pursuit of success. One of the tools is motivation. Motivation is a very powerful tool in accomplishing a set goal. It is a precondition for achieving success. This is why every achievement is preceded by motivation. As a matter of fact, there can be no success in the absence of motivation. But what is motivation? What is the meaning of motivation?

Motivation can be defined as the enthusiasm for success. It is the stimulus to the pursuit of success. It is also the drive force for success within an individual. If you are not motivated you will lack motivation. The more motivated you are, all things being equal, the more likely you will succeed, for as long as you take actions. This is why it is very difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish any set in the absence of motivation.

The implication of this is that you cannot succeed in the absence of motivation since success is not accidental. Just as goal-setting precedes success, motivation precedes goal-setting. Hence, just as success cannot be achieved without goal-setting, goals cannot be set without motivation. The consequence of this is that success cannot be achieved without motivation. This is why motivation is a precondition for achieving success.

The term, motivation, has assumed a pride of place in scholarship in contemporary times, especially in management studies. Managers at all levels are becoming increasingly aware of the need to assist their employees to become more productive through motivation. Managers have realised that their organisations have very high probability of enjoying the optimum productivities of their employees if they are adequately motivated.

Motivation usually comes from within, though it can also be induced externally. However, since you are the best beneficiary of your success and the worst victim of your failure, you should not expect to be motivated by others before you strive for success. Success belongs to the self-motivated. If you expect to be motivated from external sources before you take the right steps in life, you may never succeed.

There are two basic motivations of success. They are the fear of failure and the pleasure of success. The shame, disgrace, embarrassment, dishonour, humiliation, pain and sadness of failure and the joy, pleasure, delight, bliss, ecstasy and happiness of success are the incentives for greater commitment in the pursuit of success. They are also the enthusiasms, incentives, inspirations and stimulations for the pursuit of success.

People who are afraid of failure always do everything within their strength to ensure that they escape it. This could be the benefit of fear. This shows that fear is not always negative, as many think. Observing the pleasure and happiness of success in the lives of successful people can also kindle the fire of passion for success. This is why ‘interacting with’ or observing and studying the lives of successful people could be very profitable.

No One Said Success Would Be Easy

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When it comes down to it, no one ever said success would be easy, but if anyone did, it would be a lie. In reality, there exist no shortcuts or casual paths to succeed, no matter the value or meaning of the things you want. Yet, some people still believe they can find a loophole and get a stress-free ride.

Are you determined enough to be successful even when things are terrible? Are you someone who gives up the instant you hit a wall? Or are you the one that fights and discover an opportunity to turn that obstacle into a stepping stone to success? Are you willing to crawl just to keep moving forward?

I understand that many of us become frustrated and disappointed with the working world. As you grow up, it is an enormous disenchantment to realize that most of what you are taught by your relatives or peers about success is not the real facts.

You learn that you should just work hard at whatever job you get, and you can succeed. But when you are working hard at a position where you build someone else’s dream instead of yours, or your boss does not appreciate your efforts, you are getting no satisfaction or fulfillment.

I am not trying to push you to get a business on your own but to find a better avenue for your future. If you desire to be successful, then you have to begin preparing your mind to realize that success is not going to be an easy stroll through the park.

The Peaks and Valleys of Success
First, success comes with loving what you do. And like any admiring, it often means being passionate and persistent to accomplish your dreams. Set-backs, barriers, and failures will always be a part of any success and victory. You need to know it is all of those peaks and valleys that make success so rewarding and prodigious.

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

In second, be attentive to your mindset because sometimes, it can become the main obstacle to your success. Your mind may come to tell you that you are not able to reach the goals you have set for yourself. And it especially happens when you stand in the midst of times of trouble.

The Tangible Term of Success
The moment that defines success is when you realize what type of warrior you really are. There is more to success than what meets the eye. Understand it is not only working hard because if it were, but millions of people around the world would also be much more successful than they are now.

Are you working for someone else? If yes, think about the investment of time and energy you are giving to someone else’s dream. You are building their vision, not yours. Of course, the definition of success is different for each of us. So, be aware of what your extraordinary efforts can get you in the long run.

If you do not obtain some benefits from driving your energy into your job, then it is time to reflect. Success should not be to exhaust yourself if all that investment on your part does not translate into some tangible achievement. It is non-sense to donate every waking moment to your job if you still get a miserable raise at the end.

The Ingredients of Success
The ingredients you always need to have for the journey to success are many but let sum up to the most important ones. These components can take you further than any other qualities. You need the power that no matter what, you keep going and conquer any obstacles in your way.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

Ingredient of Success – Persistence
When you can put your mind to something and are willing to do whatever it takes, success can only follow. But you need a lot of patience, put in tons of time and often adjust your strategy to get there.

It is where you have to apply the “10 times rule,” from a great entrepreneur of our time, which is to expect ten times more than what you initially thought or calculated.

Ingredient of Success – Process
The process is a part of success. You cannot dwell on each setback or failure along with your journey, as they are merely stepping-stones to make you move forward and avoid the same mistake. Try to see them as lessons that shape who you are as you go.

Ingredient of Success – Fearlessness
Stop asking for easy ways or shortcuts, and break your belief that every successful people were born that way. The reality is that every successful person is fearless and ambitious. Fearlessness and boldness are components you should get more interested in.

Ingredient of Success – Courage
At times, moments of setback, loss, failure, and concern will come along the way. So when they do, make an effort to nourish your courage rather than fueling your fears. Parts of your journey to success will be hellish and challenging, but there is the only thing that makes it worse, and it is giving up.

Ingredient of Success – Vision
To be successful in everything you do and in life, you will need to have the vision to see it through. It means that you might have to battle, run, walk, and even crawl before you can fly. But if you have the drive and the willpower, not only will you win, but you will achieve success.

No one said success was going to be easy, but it is not impossible if you have the right mindset and understand, imagine, accept and overcome the challenges along your path to victory.

The Magic Ingredient of Success
Forget the good fortune of coming from a wealthy family, or having an excellent education in school as an element for success but instead realize that believing in yourself is the magic ingredient for it. Self-belief associated with sheer determination is what success and fulfillment are made of.

“Champions keep playing the game until they get it right.” – Billie Jean King

So, if you want to become a champion in your life, in anything you undertake or in your calling, keep moving forward. Learn to keep playing the game until you win, no matter what adversities you face. It is the only way you will ever achieve success!

Success Is Not Easy
Now, you can see that there is more to success than just hard work. And remember that if you decide to be an entrepreneur, you will likely become a leader. So the qualities to inspire others, as well as your determination and belief in what you are doing, will be the critical elements to your personal growth and success.

Remember also another important point! There will be days where your actions will be big ones, while other days, even doing your best will bring only very little. My advice is to keep moving forward with persistence until you reach success.

You are the captain of your ship called life, so you decide which way to sail. And if, on your journey to success, you have to battle, run, walk or even crawl, make sure that you care about what impact you make on others. So keep moving forward, and success will follow.

7 Basic Truths to Know About Success

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There is no one who does not like to be successful in this world. It is always the desire of everyone to be counted among the list of successful people in their society.

There is a saying that “success has many friends”. Success is friend to all. It is known to everyone. But not everybody wants to identify with certain truths about success.

To be successful and wealthy is not a rocket science, but what you need know is that there are some basic truths that must guide your pursuit of success.

Given below are 7 basic truths to know about success and successful people.

1. Success does not have all the answers.

That a man is successful does not mean he has all the answers to the issues around him. Most successful people depend on their aides and assistants for solution to most problems around them.

The reason why many successful people surround themselves with teams of brilliant people is because they have accepted the fact that they do not know it all.

Many times people stumble at success in the form of trial and error. They are not afraid to learn from others, especially their subordinates when they failed in their experiments.

2. Success is prone to changes

The only constant thing in life is change. Successful people are given to change whenever the need arises. They are flexible and easily adapt to new ideas and technology that will enhance the sustainability and profitability of their businesses.

Following the same pattern over and over again without getting desired results is a sign of rigidity and dogmatism. A successful man is one that is prone to effective changes that will rub on the overall well being of his business.

3. There is nothing like overnight success

There is a saying that “in politics nothing happens by accident it must have been planned that way”. In the same way, there is no sudden or overnight success. Success forms after a time when necessary works have been done.

Every success requires some input in hard work and diligence. Success always has its story of ups and down to tell.

You can get reward and recognition overnight but the effort that resulted in the success is a well thought out labour that lasted a period of time.

4. You need to make sacrifices in order to be successful

There is always a price to pay for success. It does not come cheap but with a price tag. People who want to achieve success must be ready to sacrifice time, energy, and resources.

Know that you must be willing to sacrifice something for every success initiative you conceive.

5. Success will not make all your problems go away

The more successful you become the more problems you will have. To be successful you must be a problem solver, and to be more successful you must look for bigger problems to solve.

The inventors of television, telephone, aero plane, internet, computer, and other inventions all spend time to solve different problems. Successful people are those who solve the problems of others.

Success attracts more problems into the life of the successful!

6. Success do not eradicate loneliness

The rich and the poor are two parallel lines that will never meet. The poor will always see the rich as the source of their woes and calamity, and this may lead to hostility to the rich.

Being successful in the society always attract hatred from those who feels insecure with your success.

7. Success do not make anyone happy

It’s all vanity at the end of the day as it cannot make anyone happy. The happiness that comes with success is temporal and cannot last. Success does not guarantee happiness